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Safety concerns about the channel in between Lake Louise and Susitna Lake continues to be an important issue for many property owners and recreational users of the two lakes. These concerns stem from the relatively narrow width of the channel, shallow water, and limited sight distances along the length of the channel. Low water conditions the past few summers have made the existing conditions worse. To help ensure the safety of channel users the LSTCA continues to trim brush and try and mark the channel entrance with buoys. 

Most importantly, the community has implemented vessel traffic measures that we strongly encourage all users of the lakes to follow. More than any other measure or "fix" that has been discussed within the community, following these simple guidelines will help keep people safe. The person you are keeping safe might be you! Travel in the channel in the channel can be hazardous during winter too, because of shallow ice. It is best to stay on the groomed, marked trail when traveling between the two lakes.


To Susitna Beginning at the top of the hour - (ON THE HOUR)

e.g. 1:00 – 1:30


To Louise Beginning at the bottom of the hour - (ON THE HALF HOUR)

e.g.1:30 – 2:00

This may limit the number of vessels meeting oncoming traffic.
Announce your passage on channel #11

Signs Reminding Users of these Guidelines are Posted at the Local Lodges and other Boat Launch Locations 


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